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The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness was endorsed in 2005 at the Paris High-Level Forum on aid effectiveness organized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In December 2005, 17 leading donor organizations and international financial institutions established the Donor Coordination Forum (DCF) in BiH. Since its establishment until the end of 2008, UNDP and the Office of UN Resident Coordinator in BiH served as the DCF Secretariat. The Donor Coordination Forum initiated the Donor Mapping Exercise in BiH (DME) in 2006 as a tool to improve the management of aid information and to synchronize and enhance cooperation of the donor community in BiH. DME has two components: the online database that details project activities funded by the now 20 leading donors in BiH and the analytical report which offers an overview of donor activities contributing to sectoral reforms. In order to have better insight into donor activities, and to strengthen the leading role of BiH governments in defining the country’s development, the BiH Ministry of Finance and Treasury assumed the role of the DCF Secretariat in January 2009, which was earlier performed by UNDP and the Office of UN Resident Coordinator in BiH. The Ministry has taken over the management of the DCF online database that also provides information for the Donor Mapping Excercise / Donor Mapping Report. This is a significant move towards establishing partnerships among BiH governments and the donor community, as well as towards government leadership in defining the country’s development priorities and directing international financial assistance in order to achieve stable and equally distributed economic development.