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How to use RSS Feed

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a special format that allows quick, anonymous and easy to monitor the content of Web pages. RSS Feed URLs added to the special program, which is installed on your computer (called a "RSS Reader" or "RSS aggregator"). This program automatically, more time on the day, checks the entered list RSS Feed URLs, organized results, and forward them to you.

Programs to read RSS feed URLs are divided into three types:

  • Internet browsers (and browser) - Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox ...
  • RSS Internet services - Bloglines, Google Reader ...
  • Programs installed on your computer - GreatNews, RssReader, Feedreader, SharpReader ...

How do I sign up to RSS-Feed of this portal?

Subscription to RSS Feed is very simple: find the RSS icon, click on it and you will open the page where you can subscribe to a RSS.